Noël Franco ™

We are a full service Creative Studio based in Buenos Aires City.

We transform brands, grow businesses & tell stories that deepen engagement through thoughtful design.

Noël Franco ™ brings a minimalist elegance to comprehensive branding, including graphic design, photography, video, marketing campaigns & others.

The 7 rules that make us a great full service creative studio:


Ethics & Design. We are selective about who we work with.

Because we value building relationships of trust with both our clients and our creative talent. We take a bespoke approach to each project, working in small-scale, customized teams to best meet client and project needs.


No problems, only solutions. Design solutions.

Design solution that communicate quality at every touchpoint, our timeless aesthetic resonates deeply with audiences, generating the trust that leads to clientes success.


More than 7 years of experience creating content.

Taking brands to their maximum expression through identity, design, advertisements, web development, short films, photography and art direction. We forge a deep understanding of contemporary and classic design, different global cultures, and consumer behavior.


Knowing how to use Photoshop does not make you a designer.

You need an Art Director in charge who directs the image of the company, unifying all the corporate messages. The art director has a solid knowledge of creativity, writing and storytelling, color psychology, photography and lighting, typography and illustration, set design, costumes and, of course, Art History and Music.


Today everything is a matter of design. Everything!

Design is of great use to us today. In every thing we see every day, minute by minute, second by second, there is some design, be it on a poster or a building, everything is designed by someone who wanted to express what they thought or felt and decided to share it with the world.


The importance of make highly cinematic aesthetic videos.

We are storytellers focusing on creating branded content for agencies, companies, and editorial clients around the globe. Our approach combines our background in photojournalism with a highly cinematic aesthetic resulting in content that truly sticks out, and stories that have a purpose.


Our photography helps people see what we want them to see.

We believe that photographs should convey the message clearly and directly, have the best possible quality and support the strategy of the product or service that we seek to promote. In this sense, the photographer's talent and creativity is an invaluable factor.

They trust us.

We are a full service Creative Studio based in Buenos Aires City.

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